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India is the largest producer of small cars. Sectors like construction, component manufacturing and product assembly are also growing at a fast pace. All this growth means a higher need for skilled welders.

There is a shortage of 1.2 million welding professionals in the market. This skill-to-demand gap increases every year. The Make in India campaign by the government makes it even more interesting as the industry needs higher innovation and skilled resources in every sector and organisation.

Over 1.2 million

welders are required

Welding is like building with Fire

New jobs are opening up across top 5 industries

Average starting salary of Rs. 20,000

Lucrative self-employment opportunity

Sector – Capital Goods & Manufacturing

NSQF Level – 3

Duration – 1 Years


As our country develops, the demand for welders will also rise. With new industries opening in every corner of the country, the job market for certified welders is expanding rapidly. Welders can find work across several industries. They can also choose to start their own business.


Once you train as an welder you can become part of several industries. The choice will range from residential to industrial areas without any limitation.

Construction Welders Manufacturing Welders Structural Steel Welders
Sheet Metal Workers Boilermakers Industrial Maintenance Welders
Industrial Shutdown Welders Welding Supervisor/Inspector Structural joining expert
Marine Welder Underwater Welder Robotic Welding Technician
Ironworker Welding Educator Welding Research Scientist

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