Calling all ITI students in Assam to join us for a one-of-a-kind celebration of technology, innovation, and camaraderie as we embark on a journey that marks a historic milestone in the ITI community. – the ITI Student Fest, LUIT 2024!
Get ready for an unforgettable extravaganza that blends tradition, talent, and cutting-edge innovation.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just looking for a break, LUIT 2024 has something for everyone! Showcase your skills and compete against the best minds in thrilling Trade Competitions, or take a break from the trade and tech frenzy to unwind with thrilling performances, games, and cultural events as we celebrate the spirit of ITI!

Ensure you’re part of Assam’s most eagerly awaited event, where we celebrate the state’s vibrant heritage, your talents, and the unity that defines us as ITI students.

Register now for LUIT 2024 and set the stage for an epic fest that promises to be the highlight of your ITI journey! See you there!

DAY l: 21ST MARCH 2024

  • Cricket: Thrilling cricket match showcasing skill and teamwork on the pitch.
  • Badminton: Fast-paced badminton matches highlighting agility and precision.
  • Chess: Intense strategic battles on the chessboard, testing mental prowess.
  • Carrom: Exciting carrom games of precision and finesse.
  • Table Tennis: Rapid table tennis matches demonstrating speed and reflexes.
  • Volleyball: High-energy volleyball matches filled with spikes and digs.
  • Trade Exhibition: An engaging exhibition featuring innovations by the students.

DAY 2: 22ND MARCH 2024

  • Trade Exhibition: The exhibition featuring innovations by the students continues on the second day.
  • Solo Dance Competition: Solo dancers compete in a display Of individual creativity and skill.
  • Web World: Ewge in a webpage-making challenge and display your tech skills.
  • Solo Singing: Mesmerizing solo performances that captivate with the power of voice.
  • BGMI: Experience intense mobile gaming battles in the virtual arena.
  • Cultural Show: A vibrant celebration of global cultural diversity through music and dance by local artists.
  • Group Dance: Dynamic performances showcasing synchronized movements and unity.
  • Traditional Fashion Show: A glamorous display of heritage attire blending tradition with style.