Looking for a skilled trade with excellent job potential?

As a fitter, well-trained professionals will be ready to do pipe fitting, structure fitting, machine fitting and many more fitting and assembly jobs.

The fitter course is among the most sought-after technical courses and equips students with the skills required for mechanical jobs. Certified candidates who gain sufficient expertise in the field can be certain to get jobs in reputed organizations like Indian railways, ONGC, WNS, Infosys, BPM and TCS among others.

Fitter trade is the

2nd most popular choice

God made Fitters because even engineers need heroes

Grow your career in a government or private job

Average starting salary of Rs. 15,000

Lucrative self-employment opportunity

Sector – Capital Goods & Manufacturing

NSQF Level – 4

Duration – 2 Years


As our country develops, the demand for fitters will also rise. With new industries opening in every corner of the country, the job market for certified fitters is expanding rapidly. Fitters can also find work in the repair and maintenance of appliance industries. They can also choose to start their own business.


Once you train as an fitter you can become part of several industries. The choice will range from residential to industrial areas without any limitation.

Assembly line fitter Structure/ pipe fabrication Roof structure building works
Shipbuilding and repair Lathe Machine Fitter Maintenance and repair fitter
Maintenance like pumps, turbines/ all types of missionary maintenance work. Aircraft maintenance engineering -Electrical system Work in public and private sectors as pipe fitter, mechanical fitter, trainer

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